A wise man once said "sometimes i stand, and sometime i stands and thinks" Nice one Dave!!

The Empire

This site is only for people who share a common interest and a wholehearted belief in the "Norwegian Blue"

All those involved in the great building of the Giant Trojan Rabbit

And any one from the ministry of silly walks, oh yes don't forget them

All witches, peasants, bridge keepers, romans (although i don't know what they have ever done for us!), Brian the naughty boy (who, for clarification purposes, is not the messiah)

We would also like to have a special mention to those who have encountered The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, who for obvious reasons are no longer with us!

Who are we?

We are a group of friends who between us try spend most of our time trying to watch as much football, motor racing and generally trying to keep Ancient Brian (who has great eyebrows) out of trouble

This is a new site and will be developed over time, if you find anything useful feel free to use it, but only if it's being used for circumstances that will make at least one other person laugh

We are not web developers so any useful comments please direct them to our HR department - Head HR manager is Ancient Brian and he don't give a .......


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Empire Events

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